What to do for a Flawless Armpits?

Dark underarm is a dilemma to most women.  This is because we want to look flawless, most especially the hidden area of our body.  Originally our armpit is white until we discover products and activities that we apply or do in that area.  Upon reaching the puberty stage, hair started to grow and perspiration increases causing bad odor.  To remove unwanted hairs, we do plucking, shaving or waxing.  Aside from that, we apply deodorant or antiperspirants.  Some women suffer excessive sweating.  The stress that our skin experience on the activities that we do and the chemicals that we applied on the armpit is the reason for dark underarm.

Dark underarm is depressing especially if you want to wear sleeveless clothing.  We don’t want to display our dark underarm because it gives a notion that it’s smelly to some people.  Aside from that we want to look and smells good always.  It also adds confidence as we flaunt our white underarm.  To remedy this, there are several products on the market that we can buy to lessen the darkening.  But if we still continue to do the stressful activity on our armpit.  This will not become effective.  Commercial products are also not applicable to all skin types.  So, the effect is not the same for all people.

Today, girls need not worry about dark and hairy underarms.  Hair removal and underarm whitening procedures are available such as the IPL and SHR.  These procedures use laser technology.  IPL technology emits light that absorbs and changes into heat by the hair pigment, melanin.  It works better to dark hair compared to fairer hair.  SHR technology, however also emits light.  Some of the energy penetrated deeply into the roots of the hair.  During treatment, only 50 percent of the hair pigment uses the energy, the remaining 50 percent is absorbed by the stem cell throughout the skin which is responsible for hair production.  Both of these procedures are quite expensive, but the results are rewarding.  Upon completion of the procedure, you will notice a whiter underarm, but you can proceed to underarm whitening for a total makeover of your armpit.  There are beauty clinics that offer discounted price for the whole package.

If you want to have a care-free armpit, it’s wise to save and spend your money on this procedure.  Decide on what treatment that suits you.  You can search on the internet for further knowledge on these procedures or ask some friends who undergone any of this procedure. 


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